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Jirones de Gitanería

Art, duende, and those magic-filled moments that define flamenco last only for an instant. The heart is capricious, and what remains from those moments is kept in one’s memory, what remains in the eye’s retina.


Jirones (shreds) are the little parts that make up the whole of Gitanería (Gypsy culture), which can be found in its customs, traditions, musical forms, and dances. Although the Real Academia Española defines the expression “Gitanería” negatively, the word “Gitanería” encompasses a culture’s way of life, a way to feel, and an authentic preservation of the Gypsy tradition. These parts stem from a vital musical form, which must be transmitted, shared, and breathed in like air. This is a musical form called Flamenco.


Jirones de Gitanería is a show created by a rooted Flamenco artist who is innovating in this vital tradition with his use of contemporary Flamenco, reflecting a Flamenco that is artistically mature.


In Jirones de Gitanería, the baile (dance) reigns as an identity that is colored with the love that the artist holds for the guitar. He pays homage to the guitarists of his own family, the Gasteoreños, with instrumental and lyrical compositions woven throughout the show. Pepe Torres shares his vision and creation inspired by his experiences through dancing Soleas, Seguirillas, Martinetes, Tangos, and Bulerías, among other palos (musical forms).


Every piece presented in this show has been created to carefully reflect, through the music, baile, and cante (voice), a history of Gitanos and Spaniards from Andalucía and their feelings and experiences, told through Flamenco.


“Son Jirones de Gitanería                                            “I bring to you, sirs,

Lo que yo os traigo señores                                        Shreds of the Gypsy way of life

La luz de mi alma                                                                    They are the light of my soul,

Ésta es mi alegría                                                                     My happiness

Son mis penas y mis Dolores                                      My worries and my pains

Le llaman Flamenco                                                                They call it ‘Flamenco’

Pero es mi via.”                                                                       But for me, it is life.”



Cast & Credits

Artistic & Musical Direction, Choreography, Dance
Pepe Torres

Invited Artist
Manuela Ríos

Luís Moneo, Enrique "El Extremeño", & Davíd Sánchez "El Galli"

Paco Iglesias & Juan Moneo

Miguel "El Cheyenne"