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Since his beginnings as a dancer in other companies, right through to the first steps with his own company and the maturity reached during those years, Jesús Carmona has always aimed to have his creations serve as a showcase for Spanish culture, on this occasion even going beyond that goal, making his work a breath of fresh air for the great musical compositions of his country.  In this show he has sought to reflect all those musical pieces that have contributed to his artistic growth, and which, in one way or another, have built his life and character, both professionally and personally.  His strength and energy can be defined in a single word: ÍMPETUS! 

Pieces have been selected from the great composers, working up new versions in order to allow for innovation without ever forgetting the legacy of fine music that allows the rush of feeling felt during the show to be of supreme importance. 

ÍMPETUS, which is the title of the project, got underway thanks to great musical maestros (5 live musicians: Daniel Jurado, Óscar Lago, Thomas Potirón, Luqui Losada and Juan José Amador), with choreography and staging aiming to give life to a show that will keep the spectator enthralled from the very first chord that sounds.  In order to achieve this objective, the dancer not only relies on the best in each specialty (Daniel Jurado and Óscar Lago are in charge of the music, with David Pérez putting just the right illumination to accompany each dance and its music), but Jesús Carmona has also created a piece of work with novel staging and fine musical compositions.  This production is the fusion of good choreography with the music of great Spanish composers, giving a fresh feeling to each piece and summed up in a single banner, one symbol:  ÍMPETUS.

Cast and Credits
Artistic Direction, Choreography, Dance
Jesús Carmona

Jesús Carmona, Lucía Campillo, Tamara López, María Moreno, Ángel Reyes, & Fernando Jiménez

Juan José Amador

Daniel Jurado & Oscar Lago

Thomas Potirón

Paco Vega

Costume Design
Belen de la Quintana

Lighting Design
David Pérez

Belen Castres