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  • UNM Center for the Arts
  • Albuquerque, NM, 87131
  • United States



An artist wonders: who am I?  What is my style?  What part of me is genuine and makes me unique?  An artistic personality is determined by many factors: one’s own experiences, the fact of having been born at a specific moment, the conditioning factor of being a man or a woman and, of course, the place of origin.  You can run away from many things, deny a thousand others, but you can’t get away from who you are. 

In the case of Rosario Toledo, her career, her being a female flamenco dancer in the early 21st century with the legacy of Cádiz in every pore of her output, have made for immense and unique artistic material.  In this show, that essence is sought, the particular and non-transferable DNA of an interpreter who yearns to know,  amidst the chaos, what does it mean in this precise moment to be a “bailaahora” (‘dancer now’). 

Cast and Credits

Artistic Direction, Choreography & Dance
Rosario Toledo

Special Collaboration
David Palomar

Original Music and Guitar
Rafael Rodriguez & Niño Jero

Percussion and Palmas (Clapping Accompaniment)
Roberto Jaén

Costume Design
José Tarriño

Lighting Design
Antonio Valiente

Sound Design
Fali Pipio

Salva Calderón

El Mandaito Productions