• 1221 Roma Avenue Northwest
  • Albuquerque, NM, 87102
  • United States

Huellas (Footprints)

Opening Night: June 9th, 4:00PM-8:00PM

As part of the 30th Festival Flamenco, artist Isabel Hees has partnered with the National Institute of Flamenco to create Huellas, an exhibit that commemorates flamenco artists who have visited Albuquerque in the last 30 years.

“Huellas was born in Sevilla in 2011 where I studied both printmaking and flamenco dance, two very distinct art forms: Fine art print-making is the design and production of tangible, replicable two-dimensional images on paper. Flamenco baile is a culturally-specific expression of movement, music and rhythm, stimulating, yet visually fleeting and ephemeral. Although these artistic mediums are obviously very different, they both make an impression, physically and emotionally. I document flamenco baile using the process of printmaking as my recording device. While Flamenco baile is often sonically and visually recorded, Huellas seeks to imprint each baile graphically and metaphorically, translating an artist’s raw, ephemeral movement into abstracted, finite shapes, textures, patterns and dibujos.


"The process I use to record footwork impressions is called relief, by which the positive space of an image is printed while the negative space, uninked, directs the movement of the eye. I provide a matrix made of soft balsa wood on which participants dance… a choreography, a favorite signature step, a llamada, a remate, technical footwork, or anything else they wish to impart. The matrix is then printed, and the print deconstructed, abstracted and rebuilt using additional techniques and materials reflecting the individual artist’s style, personality and presence. Each work in the collection is inspired by visiting artists past, present and future.”

 -Isabel Hees, Artist